Wednesday, 4 September 2013's been a minute

So i haven't blogged in a while.

I've been alive. Yep obviously hehehe. And yes still writing, but i am biting the proverbial 'bullet' and adding tiny bits on here.

But, i wanted to come back so i can share stuff in one go.

Also, when i delete fb i can have note to self over here.

So, what have i been up to since 09. Well, we don't have all day. But, i will say it's been interesting a journey the past 4 years.

I have an idea to start a 'what tee wore x day' and one for purple snood.

The site is in progress as we speak! Here's a sneak peak on

Not sure how it will work, but it means i will have to post images of me up. I already have enough of that from modeling, I'm not on that at min.

We'll see hey?
What else, i'm working still, different agency but I model now and again as always.
What else, yeah i am single too. So you know, if you know anyone looking for someone fabulous, point them to moi. Ok, that's be a a tad creepy.

Oohhh maybe, i will do one about hair, then again there are so many natural hair blogs now it is ridiculous! I love loads of them though.
My afro as much as i love her (she's a 'she' most days, reminds me of me) i don't feel warrants so much of my words.
I bet you i will eat my words. Once i get carried away!

So yeah, all a work in progress - watch, let's see what happens.

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