Thursday, 29 May 2014


I don't want your tongue in ma c***
save it for hers
Your pleasures bring much pain
with nothing to gain
why i left it so long
beggars belief
A day's too long
let alone over two hundred
The relief, I've received
Since i relieved maself
From your reach
Can't be illustrated
Unlike your web of lies and untruths
The width of the skies
So wrong.So long
To think of it now
Plain vexes my spirit
"i'm at home with you,give me time"
Save your d*** for her please
It ain't mine to s*** or f***
Nor your lips mine to kiss
A bit dissed, i hiss
Just couldn't see
You for all you are
Manipulating d***
Stupid ought to be ma name
Like the old man searching
For his glasses
Where there's light
Rather where he lost it.
Refused to see.
Asked you once before
Why couldn't you?
Tell it like it is?
"I just wanna f*** you"
See?Least i'd know
Exactly what the score is.
don't you think?
Then again.

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